Swiss Relief: Pure – Tincture 1000mg | 30ml


Swiss Relief products are designed with the body and overall wellness in mind. Taking a holistic approach to health supplements, we use the power of nature, tradition, and technology to bring you superior CBD goods that work to promote general health and internal equilibrium. From farm to lab, we grow and create the purest and strongest CBD oil products you can find on the market today. Our growers and manufacturers engineer the hemp to be cannabidiol (CBD) rich and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) deficient. Swiss Relief’s CBD has <0.0001% of THC, which is considered “non-detectable” compared to the market standard of 0.3% THC. Use Swiss Relief with confidence

Derived from hemp, CBD has been shown to reduce pain, anxiety, inflammation, and enhance sleep and mood fluctuations with absolutely no psychoactive or “high” effect. Working with our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), CBD interacts with receptors that control our physiological, biological, and psychological processes to induce overall improved homeostasis—improved health for an improved life

Our CBD is derived from a single cultivar of Cannabis Sativa L. and is processed from seed to bottle with a chain of custody that ensures its purity. We employ sustainable farming methods and use organic, non-GMO ingredients where possible in our formulations. With our nanotechnology, bio-availability of the CBD is increased, meaning our bodies are able to absorb more of the CBD we intake and lose less through the process of digestion. We have our materials tested by a third-party which means you are getting in the bottle what is on the label.

We employ the leanest and greenest testing methods available today. Most labs use harmful and environmentally-damaging solvents to test the makeup and quality of the hemp oil—Swiss Relief’s proprietary process uses nanotechnology and eco-friendly solvents to test our crops for purity and quality. We are then able maximize bio-availability of essential components (namely CBD) resulting in greater efficacy and the greenest CBD testing processes available today.

Swiss Relief CBD products were created to bring consumers consistently pure and high-quality CBD products. Once we found our growers out of Kentucky who were combining science and farming to engineer hemp that was rich in CBD, Swiss Relief began to take form. Employing the latest methods of testing and manufacturing to bring you CBD products that are green conscious and environmentally friendly makes us proud and excited to invite you to join our Swiss Relief family.

Balance your ECS (endocannabinoid system) with Swiss Relief.

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Our Swiss Relief Pure flavor is delightfully simple to bring clean and easy relief.

Tinctures are designed for swift intake to bring you fast relief. Our hemp is cultivated from organically-responsible and sustainable farming methods, bringing you simply pure CBD products. Our tincture oils are easy to digest and work to boost our body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) for general health and wellness. Swiss Relief CBD oils are tasty and bring the relief you are looking for.

Start with 15-20mg and increase or decrease based on personal need.

CBD oil taken under the tongue provides you with the fastest absorption rate to the blood stream. This ensures the fullest benefit of the CBD, instead of swallowing, digesting, breaking down, and metabolizing it. Be sure to hold the drops under your tongue for 60-90 seconds, then swallow for the fullest benefit!


Size: 30mL

Ingredients: Hemp oil, Cannabidiol (CBD) extract, natural flavors

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